Module on Social Compliance
Module on Skive Leather Pieces_ Leathergoods_Level 01
Module on Cut Leather by hands_Footwear & Leathergoods_Level 01
Module on Cut Leather by Machine_Leathergoods & Footwear_Level 01
Module on Cut Synthetic materials by machine_Leather goods & Footwear_Level 01
Module on Identify materials used in leather good production_Level-01
Module on Sew Leather by Hand_Leather goods_Level 01
Module on Splitleather_Leathergoods_Level 02
Module on Work in the leather, footwear and leather goods industry_Level 01
Module on Applying OSH Practices in the workplace_Level 01
Module on how to operate in self directed team
Present and Apply Workplace Information
Module on Using Basic Mathematical Concept_Level 01
Module on Using Basic English Terminology in the Workplace_Level 02